I’m only hAPI when it rains…

When I first started building web applicaitons I remember looking at an API and thinking ‘this is freaking amazing!’, all I was doing was showing the journey between 2 locations using TFLs API.
Fast forward to today and I’m now navigating the tech platforms APIs, namely Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. – and there are things which aren’t that obvious, and if I haven’t used for a while have to refresh how to do.

I’ll try to walk through some of the common things I do day to day with APIs, partly for reference material to go back to, partly so other people can do the same, and partly because the API versions are an ever shifting and it’s a job to keep on top of them!

I’ll save generating an token, secret etc. for another day, or for someone else as there’s a myriad of tutorials out there which cover this… I’ll leave that to the experts 🙂

I’ll be mainly using Python to work with the APIs, I may show the same in Ruby if they have a library and later down the line I may even build an application out in either JavaScript or Rails… depends how much time I have as I still have a day job.

Anyways, hopefully someone out there in the void finds this useful