Has it really been a year… we’re now on the FUVP stack!

When you set out with all the best intentions and the 9 to 5 just takes over it becomes a year before you noticed you’d not done what you said you were going to do.

There’s been a few changes at work which has led to me being absolutely stacked, almost constantly – the main one being a complete tech stack change.

We’ve been using PHP Laravel, and most recently Lumen, with Blade on the front end and MySQL DB, however after needing to shift to a 3 tier architecture it gave us the opportunity to assess the full stack. We knew we wanted to shift the database to Postgres and the front end to Vue 3, so that just left the aPI layer. We seriously considered SailsJS , Rails 7 but then Fast Api came along! I’m so used to programming in Python, all of my ETL, automation and analytics scripts are written in Python – so Fast API seemed like a natural choice. It also meant we have a single language throughout as we also use Airflow as an orchestration technology, in which the DAGs are written in Python.

Sorry Rails I really did fight your corner and thanks to Rails 7 it was a close fought battle, but unfortunately I was the only Ruby & Rails programmer so it was a no :(. You’ll always be close to my heart and I’ll still use you for other projects though, don’t worry!

So it’s onwards and upwards with FastAPI, Vue 3 & Postgres… the journey continues.

And with Uvicorn we are I suppose on the FUVP Stack