Rails 7 is the new old kid on the block

When you’ve been away from the comfort of a warm sofa and soft bed for a while it’s always nice to come home. You look back at why you left in the first place and if those things are no longer relevant then there’s no reason not to sink back into what you know best… that’s why I’m coming back to rails.

dhh has teased us with Rails 7 and it looks great – improved javascript integration with mapping, esbuild straight out of the box (no more webpack) and tailwind… I’ve tasted David’s new medicine and boy is it sweet!

Rails 7 is in Alpha at the moment and I’ve been playing around with it for a few days – I really like it and can’t wait to start using it to build some full scale solutions.

Sails was great and I’ll still continue to use it when and where I need to, I just miss Rails – but it looks like the stars are aligning for me 🙂

You can see the latest vids of dhh showing off Rails 7 Alpha here and here’s a link to his post outlining some of the key innovations in Rails 7.