Facebook Marketing API

I’ve been using the Facebook Marketing API for a while now and love it, the flexibility and control over your Facebook Campaigns is amazing but there’s one small problem… when you want to do something a little more advanced with it, the documentation leaves you hanging a little.

Stackoverflow is obviously the first port of call when the docs don’t hold up however if the answer’s not there you’re left scratching your head.

In this Facebook API category I’ll walk through some of the basic data extraction elements, so if you’re new to the API you can get a feel for how it works and we’ll move onto some of the more advanced concepts including GraphAPI.

I’ll be using Python for this however when using GraphAPI you’ll be able to use any language as long as you can make http requests and process the response.

Not wanting to replicate the Developer Docs however I’ll flush them out with more real life examples and problems you may come up against… and how to solve them.

The first part is getting set up with an App & developer token – I’m assuming you have a Facebook account, if not you’ll need to get one 🙂